Gold Frames!!

Gold frames are in (ahem, they always have been), and they can work wonderfully on a wide variety of art. Gold frames can be playful or sophisticated and when carefully chosen, can make your art really stand out. 

Just a few out of hundreds of gold frames we carry. 

Just a few out of hundreds of gold frames we carry. 

While we don't base our designs around trends so much as we strive for our designs to be timeless and versatile, however gold is having a bit of a renaissance in the interior design world. If you've been looking for ways to introduce gold accents into your space, come check out our huge selection of gold profiles in many different styles, sizes and tones.

We'll be happy to work with you to design something that captures the current trend but that will also look great for years to come. 

Check out Pinterest for a little inspiration. 

Frame Feature!

Garrett Water Woods

A little sampling! 

A little sampling! 

We're proud to carry Garrett Moulding, a U.S. based moulding manufacturer who's products are harvested from certified sustainable domestic hardwoods and finished in eco-friendly water based finishes. All of their products are made in their state of the art warehouse in Georgia.

We love the simple and timeless elegance of their beautiful craftsmanship. Whether it's a family photograph or a fine etching, Garrett's products come in several classic styles and colors that will be sure to enhance what's important to you.  

Here is a wedding invitation we framed in a classic bevel frame from Garrett. Stop in to see the full line of these wonderful mouldings.