Allegory & Form

July 13 - August 24

Left: Brendan MacAllister, Mars, Romulus, Remus & Venus, acrylic on paper, 11'' x 15''

Middle: LiAnn Natter, Untitled, Charcoal and acrylic on canvas, 46'' x 48''

Right: Meghan Kausel, Affirmative, Graphite and ink on paper, 22'' x 30

Allegory & Form is an exhibition of new work from 3 emerging artists.

Meghan Kausel, LiAnn Natter, and Brendan MacAllister, each present works exploring physical, psychological and symbolic experiences.

Meghan Kausel's drawings are made with a focus on physical automation, while composing these drawings she meditates on a specific event or occurrence. The physical act of creating these pieces and the resulting product are both cathartic and documentative.

LiAnn Natter paintings are about depicting flesh, exploring the female form and themes of identity, and challenging social/societal beauty standards. Much of her inspiration comes from her own experiences, and those of the women around her. Often placing the body in an undefined space, it is a means of making it the main focus. Size, color, and stroke are used in an attempt to make the subject impassable and confrontational to the viewer.

Brendan MacAllister's work is rooted in a brutish and self-proclaimed “lowbrow” style and regularly focuses on the absurdity of humanity. He uses a mix of dark humor, symbolism, and metaphor to create narrative works that often focus on taboo or unsavory subjects.

Megan, LiAnn and Brendan have each received their BFA's from Montserrat College of Art. • instagram @meghankauselart • instagram @liannnatter • instagram  @buzz_macallister