New paintings by Eben Kling

Book Release: MIND THE GAP #1


Sept 29th- Nov 11

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From Eben:

This current work is a continuation of my enduring interest in cartoons, humor, painting, depictions of bedraggled humanity and obfuscated narrative. They are moments that often depict characters receding/emerging from ambiguous space or trying to desperately ignore their environment. These are works that are at times tense, at times humorous, but always are slightly incongruous in their nature and construction. This has been a compelling strategy for me to consider whilst I attempt to constantly reconcile and examine my crossed interest in painting, art history, comics and the plasticity of the cartoon. These are figurative paintings, but they do not relate to the study of the figure in a physically academic way. They occupy a space that is more emotive and psychological. They maintain undercurrents that are socially and politically concerned, but offer little solace. They attempt to conflate realties, and to be unsure-they are nervous.  

I was born and grew up in New Haven Ct. I attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly Mass. where I earned a BFA in printmaking and later the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I earned an MFA in interdisciplinary studio art.  Recently, I attended Artspace New Haven where I served as the 2016-2017 artist in residence. Recent exhibitions include New Imagism in Contemporary Painting (Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn NY), Humanoids (Artspace, New Haven, CT), Commotion Potion (Occam Projects, Providence, RI), and Black and White Mass (Nopop Gallery, New Haven, CT). Currently I am a full time professor in the Art department at Central Connecticut State University.