(p)art of us

Conny Goelz-Schmitt & Kathleen Gerdon Archer

Reception May 12th, 6-9pm

April 28th - June 9th


(P)art of us
We celebrate cherished objects by considering their intimacy, layers and connections.
Using distinctly personal methods to alter these materials we reinterpret our past, affect its meaning and reveal our present circumstance.


Conny Goelz-Schmitt deconstructs discarded vintage books searching for matter with textured surfaces and faded colors.

Through considered alteration and placement of these salvaged materials she creates geometric collages and assemblages.The interplay of sizes, shapes and color leads the artist on a search for their perfect placement.

This pursuit for balance and harmony becomes a meditation for artist and viewer alike, triggering memories and leading to new interpretations of past and present.



My inspiration comes from glacial rocks that line the beaches of Cape Ann, my family’s home for generations.The thin veins of minerals that were compressed within them, altering and transforming their mass, cause me to think of past generations who left particles of themselves as they passed through time.

Creating a structure to compose these images begins with the gathering of stones, seeds and plants, family photographs, letters and treasured objects.Originating from specific places, they form a compacted history of my time there.

The collected materials are frozen, layer upon layer, forming a three-dimensional structure resembling geologic layers of the earth.

After freezing, this icy sculpture is left to melt and I photograph it over many days as it slowly disintegrates.The photographic images that I choose to produce in large scale are filled with the enduring remains of time, loss, memory, and connection.