Our Approach

At Mingo, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship, ingenuity, and design. All of which we approach with a responsibility, not just to our clients, but also our environment and community. 

Conservation First

We believe framing is an investment that should last for generations. We use only conservation and museum grade materials and treatments. All our methods are archival and reversible to ensure the longevity of what's important to you. We use only 99% U.V. protective glass.. 

Design Philosophy

With a virtually infinite number of design solutions for any given project, we've honed a specific approach to making sure your framed pieces will always look great. Our process starts with you and your vision. From there we provide a variety of options that will not only work to enhance that specific piece, but also be compatible in a variety of settings and always be relevant from a design perspective. 

We are constantly adding to our selection of mouldings. We have a carefully curated selection of samples that reflect the best in quality, design, and sustainability. 

Be sure to check out our Project Gallery to see how we've executed a wide variety of framing projects in the past. 


As with any bespoke industry, there can be a lot of waste. We do our part to minimize our footprint as much as possible by donating scrap materials to local art programs, repurposing/refinishing old wood for projects and signage, and recycling 100% of all recyclable shipping materials. We also have a large selection of eco-concious mouldings that are made from sustainably harvested woods, finished with water based stains, and made entirely in the United States.